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April Newsletter

On April 17, Bard Graduate Center is hosting its 23rd Annual Iris Awards, presented to those whose scholarship, connoisseurship, and dedication have advanced the understanding of decorative arts, design history, and material culture among scholars, collectors, professionals, and the general public. This year, four individuals will be honored: Marina Kellen French, Outstanding Patron; Jeffrey Munger, Lifetime Achievement in Scholarship; Dr. Laurie Wilkie, Outstanding Mid-Career Scholar; and Alessandra Di Castro, Outstanding Dealer. Proceeds benefit the scholarship fund, ensuring that financial aid continues to be available for all students who qualify. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

In the gallery, Aaron Glass’s The Story Box: Franz Boas, George Hunt and the Making of Anthropology, Paul Stirton’s Jan Tschichold and the New Typography: Graphic Design Between the World Wars and Sasha Nixon’s A View from the Jeweler’s Bench: Ancient Treasures, Contemporary Statements continue to attract visitors. If you have not already seen these marvelous exhibitions, please stop by.

As spring arrives, faculty and students prepare for the end of the academic year. In this newsletter, two graduating master’s students report on their trips to complete research for their Qualifying Papers. The Alumni Spotlight is on Mei Mei Rado (PhD 2018), who was recently awarded a prestigious fellowship that will allow her to turn her dissertation into a book. Read on for more Bard Graduate Center news.
  Research and Academic Programs
When is After?
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When is After? Dean Peter N. Miller examines the 2018–2019 BGC Research Theme here.
Faculty News
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Read about the activities of BGC faculty here.
Travel and Research Trips
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MA students can apply for travel funding to help support trips for their qualifying paper research.

Read about Dylan Brekka’s trip to Paris here.

Clara Puton writes about her research in and around Venice and Florence here.
Alumni Spotlight
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Mei Mei Rado (PhD 2018) was recently awarded a Henry Luce Foundation/American Council of Learned Societies postdoctoral fellowship for the 2019-2020 academic year. The grant will allow her to revise her dissertation into a book on western textiles at the eighteenth-century Qing Court. Read an interview with Dr. Rado here
  Upcoming Events

Indigenous Experience at World’s Fairs
April 10 at 6:30 pm

Join Aaron Glass, curator of The Story Box: Franz Boas, George Hunt and the Making of Anthropology in conversation with Lee D. Baker, professor of cultural anthropology, sociology, and African and African American studies at Duke University; Laura Graham, professor of anthropology at the University of Iowa; and Russell Potter, professor of English and media studies at Rhode Island College. Register here.

Symposium—Prudence, Techne, and the Practice of Good Governance in the Early Modern Kunstkammer
April 12 at 9:30 am

In 1565, Leo Quiccheberg wrote a brief dedication to Emperor Maximilian II, recommending his brother Samuel Quiccheberg’s treatise on collecting, the Inscriptiones vel tituli Theatri amplissimi. By reading Samuel’s book, the ruler would learn “… what, from founding a theater of this sort, might be gained for Your Majesty’s prudentia from such a Kunst und Wunderkammer.” Written at the moment when the Habsburgs, Wittelsbachs, and other princely houses were first establishing collections as state institutions, this is among the earliest texts to connect museums with the ability to govern wisely and effectively. This conference explores the intertwined histories and philosophies of governance, techne, and collecting in the early-modern period. In particular, speakers will examine how the intersection of these three realms was informed by a newly pragmatic sensibility. Register here.

Workshop: Why Handmade Matters
April 16 at 6:30 pm

Work with master goldsmith Jeanette K. Caines to gain a hands-on understanding of why handmade artwork is so essential in an increasingly digital world. Students will spend the class learning to forge bangle and cuff bracelets in brass and copper. To learn more or to register click here.
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Iris Awards
The 23rd Annual Iris Awards will be presented on April 17 in New York City.

Created in 1997, Bard Graduate Center’s Iris Awards recognize scholars, patrons, and professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the study and appreciation of the decorative arts.

This year’s honorees are arts supporter Marina Kellen French, Outstanding Patron; scholar and former Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Jeffrey Munger, Outstanding Lifetime Achievement; Dr. Laurie Wilkie, Outstanding Mid-Career Scholar; and well-known Italian art dealer Alessandra Di Castro, Outstanding Dealer.

Proceeds fund graduate student scholarships and fellowships. Buy tickets here.