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How can archival, visual, and material sources be studied together in order to recover objects that no longer survive? Come and discuss your methodology and ideas with the Refashioning the Renaissance team, and hear more about their project which is using interdisciplinary techniques to study popular early modern fashion. In this session, the team will briefly present their project’s themes and approaches, introduce themselves, and then will open up for a broad discussion about hands-on methodologies in academic and museum projects. All are welcome!

Refashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe 1550–1650 is a five-year ERC-funded project that combines theoretical perspectives and practical hands-on work to investigate how fashion emerged and developed among new social groups in Western and Northern Europe 1550–1650. The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to produce new knowledge of the dissemination and development of early modern European fashion among popular groups, and on the other, to evaluate how experimental ‘hands-on’ methods, such as historical reconstruction, digital modelling and scientific testing, can be used as a methodology in cultural studies of dress. The project is led by Assistant Professor Paula Hohti, and the research group includes two postdoctoral researchers (Sophie Pitman, BGC MA Alum 2013, and Michele Robinson), a PhD candidate (Anne-Kristine Sindvald Larsen), a research assistant (Stefania Montemezzo), and a project administrator (Piia Lempiäinen).

Wednesday, March 20, 6-7:30 pm
38 West 86th Street, Seminar Room