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Dear BGC Friends,

The next issue of 86th Street Stories: Quarantimes was scheduled for Monday, April 20, but we just couldn’t wait! In this mini-Wellness edition, we give some guidelines for working and caring for yourselves during these “quarantimes.”

BGC community events and activities are in full swing, and we have added a calendar of events to keep you updated between issues. The next full issue is still scheduled for April 20, so please continue sending in questions, ideas for events, and any content you wish to share with our community.


Maggie Walter & Nadia Rivers



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Wellness Tips

This week in Wellness we are pleased to offer you special Guidelines for Working and Caring for Yourself During These “Quarantimes”.

Community Events

To make these events more accessible, we have added all community events to a Google Calendar. To subscribe, click here.

Friday, April 17, 5 pm
Yoga with Danielle Weindling
BGC MA student, Danielle Weindling, will be hosting a Mixed Level 45min Flow Yoga Class. Please sign up here, and Zoom instructions will follow. Email with any questions.

Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation with Olgu Merandy
Olgu Merandy, Jesse Merandy’s wife, holds weekly classes which might be useful for BGC folks who are looking to get moving or to turn inward for a moment. For more information and schedule click here, to sign up, please email

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Call for Submissions: BGC Community Groups and Events
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Call for Submissions: Book & Film Reviews
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