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We hope you are all enjoying your week, and are looking forward to BGC’s mini-vacation on August 5, 6, and 7. We remind you to take a look at the Procedures for Entering BGC Buildings, and to take the BGC Daily Health Survey before coming to work!

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From a recent MIT article: “The more people you have coming in and out of an indoor space, the more likely it is that someone who is infected will show up…” Read the full article here.

What is BGC doing to make sure air quality and ventilation is a high priority? How will you mitigate this in 18 if the gallery opens to the public?

From Tim Ettenheim:

Thanks for this important question. BGC already has the ability to ventilate with up to 100% outside air. James Congregane has been working with our ventilation contractor, Orion, to upgrade our filtration to the highest levels the industry can offer; by September we will have these filters in place. Together BGC and Orion are committed to providing the safest work environment we can. UV air sanitation, which is noted in the cited article, will not be used at BGC. There are lots of ideas floating around in the press, but BGC won’t be using anything that hasn’t been proven safe and effective.

Ventilation has always been a top priority at BGC. It’s easy to think that more ventilation simply means blowing more air through the system, but that’s not the case. BGC’s system adjusts the amount of outside air it pulls in to filter, de-humidify, and heat or cool based on the amount of CO2 in the return air. Even pre-pandemic, both inside and outside, we have always had to contend with dust, pollutants, and rapidly changing temperature and humidity. Our buildings’ ventilation systems produce a steady flow of filtered air that is maintained within a particular range of temperature and humidity, to create comfortable work environments and protect the buildings. In addition, 18 West is even more strictly maintained to protect the installations in the Gallery.  

If we are able to reopen the Gallery this fall, in addition to the already excellent ventilation we provide and the upgraded filtration that will be in place, we will have strict limits on the number of people on any given floor of the Gallery at any time, all of them socially distanced and wearing masks. 

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