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Two Thousand Years of Flat-Cut Garments
A lecture by Jenny Tiramani (School of Historical Dress, London)

“The widths of woven cloth are important to the shaping of garments made from them. . . . It is almost too simple a thought to be noticed, and yet it must be.”
Cut my Cote (1973), Dorothy K. Burnham

The ancient techniques of weaving garments to shape with minimum waste, wrapping a length of one selvedge width of textile around the body, or knitting an item of dress with a single length of yarn and no waste remain sustainable options today. This presentation will explore the production of wasteless and wasteful garments from the time of Christ to today.

A Dress and Textile History lecture.

February 7 at 6 pm
38 West 86th Street, Lecture Hall

$15 General | $12 Seniors | Free for people with a college or university affiliation or museum ID, people with disabilities and caregivers, and BGC members

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