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Thank you for attending Saturday’s knowledge share, Plants as Artifacts: Living Practices of Sugar and Coffee with Herban Cura, Christine Brooks, and Tigist Kelkay, guest curated by Kristen Joy Owens. Please use the code CURA to book a complimentary visit to Conserving Active Matter at Bard Graduate Center Gallery.

Conserving Active Matter
March 25–July 10, 2022
Bard Graduate Center Gallery
18 West 86th Street, New York

For as long as people have made and kept things, they have cared for and repaired them. Today’s conservator uses a variety of tools and categories developed over the last 150 years to do this work. In the next decades, new kinds of materials and a new scale of change will pose unprecedented challenges. As conservators turn to an ever-expanding set of constituencies, collaborators, and knowledge claims to do this work, how might they reconsider their role in conserving such “active matter” and in conversations about environmental and cultural sustainability? Conserving Active Matter explores the activity of matter through objects that span five continents and range in time from the Paleolithic to the present. From the things that clothe us to those that shelter us; from things that reflect our interest in the past to those that enable its performance in the present; and from sacred objects to the profane, Conserving Active Matter envisions the work of conservation as essential for the lives of the things that sustain us.


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Herban Cura, curated by Antonia Estela Pérez, Sebastián Pérez, and Em McCann Zauder, seeks to create access to ancestral and plant wisdom—both through the rematriation of Indigenous life-ways and through remembrance and reclamation of how to live in solidarity with the earth and with our human and more-than-human kin.

On View in the Gallery
Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object?
March 25–July 10, 2022 Learn More Button
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Conserving Active Matter
March 25–July 10, 2022 Learn More Button
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