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Bard Graduate Center is excited to announce the opening weekend for Conserving Active Matter and Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object?
On View March 25–July 10, 2022

The two exhibitions seek to understanding materials—one from a conservator’s lens and the other through an artist’s personal collection.

Conserving Active Matter explores the activity of matter through objects that span five continents and range in time from the Paleolithic to the present. From things that clothe us to those that shelter us; from things that reflect our interest in the past to those that enable its performance in the present; and from sacred objects to the profane, the exhibitions envisions the work of conservation as essential for the lives of the things that sustain us.

Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object? prompts us to pick up objects from Tuttle’s personal collection and read from his note cards detailing the relationship he holds with each. Breaking away from traditional exhibition structures of wall text and museum glass, the artist invites us to reconsider what an object is and how we care for them.


Conserving Active Matter is part of Cultures of Conservation, a multi-year initiative generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. More information about the initiative can be found here.

This exhibition and publication are generously supported by donors to Bard Graduate Center.

Support for Richard Tuttle: What is the Object? has been generously provided by Agnes Gund with additional support from David Kordansky Gallery, Scully Peretsman Foundation, and Peter Freeman and Lluïsa Sàrries Zgonc, as well as donors to Bard Graduate Center.

Support for the publication has been provided by Pace Gallery.

Exhibition Publications Available Now!
Conserving Active Matter
Edited by Peter N. Miller and Soon Kai Poh, with text from philosophers, historians, materials scientists, conservators, and those who work on Indigenous artifacts, Conserving Active Matter approaching questions and establishing new lines of inquiry on conservation and the human sciences of the object. Learn More Button
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Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object?
Designed by the Belgian book artist Luc Derycke and beautifully photographed by Bruce M. White, this “book as object” embodies the questions Tuttle poses in his exhibition. The publication also includes text contributions from Renee Gladman and Tuttle himself. Learn More Button
Exhibition Image