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Listen to the latest season of Bard Graduate Center’s Fields of the Future podcast!

We talk about lace in Nigerian culture, by looking at and working with a few laces closely. We are joined by historians, researchers, dressmakers, lace mill representatives, and fashionistas.

“My auntie, a merchant who had traveled between Austria and England to sell lace within her Nigerian diasporic community in London, sold this lace to my mum in the early 2000s. A skilled tailor sewed it into the three-piece ìró, bùbá, and ìpèlé that you see here. When I run my hands over it, the embroidery feels slick and the rhinestones pebbly. One piece—the bùbá—has more sparkling rhinestones than the others. Listen to this season of the podcast to hear more about this lace, including how it changed over time and how it connects many generations of a family.”
—mary adeogun (BGC MA ’22)

This season of the podcast is produced by mary adeogun, with thanks to the many people who made the project possible.

Fields of the Future is available to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or click below for more information.

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