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Join us in championing research at Bard Graduate Center:

  • Bard Graduate Center Gallery, singularly among New York City institutions, showcases the diverse facets of creative practice that launch deeper explorations of the decorative arts, design history, and material culture.
  • BGC Gallery’s groundbreaking exhibition Sonia Delaunay: Living Art explores rich areas of the artist’s practice that had previously gone unstudied, including fascinating aspects of her textile, furniture, and interior design.

“Only in Bard [Graduate Center]’s dense wardrobe of a show do the sources of Sonia’s painterly voice become obvious: the bunchable, joinable, repeatable textures of cloth.”
—Walker Mimms, The New York Times

  • MA and PhD students lead themed gallery tours of the exhibition exploring themes such as “artist as entrepreneur” and “painting as poetry.” They also explore re-creation methods, delving into Sonia Delaunay’s costume design.
  • Exhibitions in the BGC Gallery ignite the creativity of BGC students, encouraging them to break new ground with digital projects. Through website designing and 3D printing, they explore research topics, mirroring the innovative spirit of the artists, designers, and makers who they study.

Your support fuels these opportunities for research and learning in our gallery for BGC students and New Yorkers alike. Let’s illuminate the future of scholarship together.

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