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Dr. Susan Weber, Founder and Director
The Trustees of Bard Graduate Center


Event Co-Chairs David Mann and Deborah Miller Zabel
Request the pleasure of your company for the

26th Annual Iris Foundation Awards Luncheon

Wednesday, April 26
From noon until 2:30 pm
The Cosmopolitan Club, 122 E 66th Street, NY

Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu
Meredith Chilton, C.M.
Dr. Elizabeth E. Guffey
Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman

To purchase a table or make a contribution, please contact the development office at or 212-501-3071.

Jan and Warren Adelson — Michele Beiny-Harkins — Nancy and Michael Druckman — Holly Hotchner — Barbara Nessim and Jules Demchick — Ann Pyne (MA ‘06) — Sir Paul Ruddock — Judy Steinhardt — Deedee and Barrie Wigmore — The Hon. Kimba Wood and Frank E. Richardson

Host Committee:
Kathleen Baum — Nicolas Cattelain — Edward Lee Cave — Christian Ayne Crouch — Brandy S. Culp (MA ‘04) — Hélène David-Weill — Gus N. Davis — Benoist F. Drut — Helen W. Drutt English — Cristina Grajales — Agnes Gund — Lewis Haber — Titi Halle — Vivian Haime Barg — Ana Horta-Osório — Katina Huston — Fernanda Kellogg — Wolfram Koeppe — Benjamin Krevolin — Minna M. Lee — Arnold L. Lehman — Martin P. Levy — Reeva Mager — Caryl McFarlane — Geraldine Fabrikant Metz — Philippe de Montebello — Steven Nelson — Jennifer Olshin (MA ‘98) — Janet Ozarchuk — Melinda Florian Papp — Lisa Beth Podos — Janie Woo Scher and Stephen K. Scher — Emma Scully (MA’14) — Gregory Soros — Luke Syson — Ellen and William Taubman — Barbara Tober — Charlotte Vignon — Shelby White — Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. — Philip L. Yang, Jr.

Bard Graduate Center is proud to acknowledge the donors who hold a leadership role through their sponsorship of the Iris Awards, honoring professionals in the field of decorative arts and providing well-needed scholarships and fellowships for study.