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Exam Week

Monday, May 3

Doctoral Forum
“Das befreite Handwerk: The Politics of Viennese Craft and Interior Design, 1934-38”
Michele Jackson-Beckett
Via Zoom, 10–11:30 am

“From Trauma to Tenderness: Following a ‘Middle Path’ for Conservation Work at Memorial Site”
Julia Brennan
Caring for Textiles
Via Zoom, 12:15–1:15 pm
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Tuesday, May 4

“Joe the Pressman: Ethnicity, Labor, Literacy, and Resistance in Eighteenth-Century Quebec Slavery”
Charmaine Nelson
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University; BGC Research Fellow
Via Zoom, 12:15–1:15 pm
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1:30 pm

“Materiality and Politics: How Integrated were Diaspora Jews in the Roman Empire? Lecture 1”
Seth Schwartz
Columbia University; Bard Graduate Center, Leon Levy Professor of Jewish Material Culture Spring 2021
Via Zoom, 6–7:30 pm
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Wednesday, May 5

The Global Middle Ages Seminar
Valerie Hansen, Yale University
Morris Rossabi, City University of New York and Columbia University
Via Zoom, 1–2:30 pm
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Keith Condon Drop In
Via Zoom, 2:30–3:30 pm
Passcode: 818636

Materials Day: The Thrifty Onion
Twelve Keys Consultancy and Design
Donna Bilak PhD ’13
Christianne Teague MA ’19
Via Zoom, 5–7 pm

Thursday, May 6

Fall 2021 Incoming PhD Registration
9 am–5 pm

Darby Raymond-Overstreet
Digital Artist and Printmaker
Via Zoom, 12:15–1:15 pm
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Friday, May 7

Fall 2021 Incoming MA Registration
9 am–5 pm

Incomplete Forms Due
5 pm