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Dear Esteemed Alumni,

The calendar has turned, the leaves are still turning (late this year, I know) and Thanksgiving and the semester’s end have moved from rippling feature on the horizon–or just a mirage?–to a concrete and impending reality. In this not-quite-normal year, in which we are back on West 86th Street but still masked indoors and without outside visitors at our events, we have nevertheless begun to regain our muscle-memory for intellectual life in community. We are in the midst of pursuing searches for a faculty member in Dress/Fashion/Textiles and for the head of what was called public programming and what we are now calling “public humanities.” We are planning our first field school, in the Cyclades, directly following Bard Travel which we look forward to resuming in May. Our new Alumni Exhibition Committee, set up last year to harness the evident enthusiasm you showed for working with us on our exhibition program, just had its first meeting of the year. And we are filled with anticipation for Drew Thompson and Annissa Malvoisin will be able to do for our curriculum in the coming years. On top of all that, we will have two more open houses this fall, on Sunday, November 14th and Sunday, December 5th here at BGC. I ask you to share this with friends and colleagues who might be considering graduate work in our area. Please do keep in touch, and you will be hearing from me again later in the year with, hopefully, more good news from West 86th Street.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Peter N. Miller