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Episode 4: Marc Vermeulen—Data as Storytelling

“I do also create a connection with the sample, which is at the end almost nothing.”

In This Episode
Jennifer Mass speaks with conservation heritage scientist Marc Vermeulen about the links between art and science, the wealth of information carried within the sample, and the microhistories of objects that are contained in data analysis. Listen to this episode to nerd out on the nuances of how materials transform over time.

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Marc Vermeulen works as a research associate within the external project program of Northwestern University-Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS). Prior to joining the Center, Marc obtained his PhD in chemistry from the University of Antwerp (2017), where he studied arsenic sulfide pigments degradation in a wide variety of historical objects. He gained experience in various museums and art research institutions both in Europe and the United States, including the Met, KIKIRPA, and MoMA. Marc’s research interest is the identification and study of degradation of pigments, mainly with spectroscopic techniques to better understand the objects’ histories and to support their preservation for generations to come.

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